Welcome to Pleasant Bay



Care, with compassion. This is the mission of the Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Within our 70,000 square foot facility located on 13 acres near the four corners of Brewster, Orleans, Harwich and Chatham, more than 150 professionals work to provide the highest level of care to residents in our nursing wings, patients in our post-hospitalization rehabilitation wing, and outpatients with physical therapy requirements.

But there is something else that makes Pleasant Bay such a special place. It's something that cannot be easily described, but can be seen in all the details of what our staff does each day and night—and is often reflected in the faces of our patients.  It is whispered about in the medical community, and passed along among friends and neighbors in the Lower Cape communities.

Call it a sympathetic conciousness. Call it a sense of spirituality. Call it a need to follow the highest guiding values. It is the most important aspect of the working lives of the Pleasant Bay staff and family.

We call it, "Doing good work."


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