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The commitment to outstanding care at Pleasant Bay is emphasized in sll our daily operations: from the long-term nursing community to our in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation services. We view this commitment not just from a medical perspective, but just as importantly, from a human perspective. We call it a sense of "sympathetic consciousness" and we insist that any medical professional or support team member who wishes to work at Pleasant Bay share this perspective.

Some facts about our staff:

  • Pleasant Bay has an unusually high percentage of long-term employees (many with tenures of 7-10 years in a facility that is just 10 years old).
  • Our skilled nursing staff has an unusually high component of registered nurses (more than 2 to 1) providing a high level of care to our residents and patients 24 hours a day.
  • Our rehabiliation-specific team of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists provide a full array of services to our rehabiliation patients.

It is the mission of Pleasant Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation Center to serve our commitment to the community by providing a caring, supportive healthcare environment which encourages optimum independence and health within our facility and the surrounding community.


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