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By all accounts, Eugenie Garside has lived a full, productive life. But there was always one thing missing; one thing that still bothered her. She had never had a chance to complete high school.

Back when Genie was nine years old, she left the third grade to help care for her 11 younger siblings. A lifetime passed, and it was not until her mid-90s that she shared her regret with the nurses who cared for her at Pleasant Bay. They didn't just sympathize. They did something about it.

With the assistance of the Pleasant Bay staff and the cooperation of nearby Nauset Regional High School, Genie was able to take her remaining high school courses. Students from Nauset High visited daily to tutor and study with her. And eventually, in front of a standing ovation at the Nauset High gymnasium, Genie received her diploma.

The story of Genie's achievement appeared in hundreds of newspapers throughout the world. She was featured on CNN, ABC's Good Morning America, and traveled to Los Angeles to be a guest on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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